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Archeology provides more evidence.

Archeology, or the science of actually recovering the past, continues to prove how accurate, and therefore how true, the Bible really is.

Take a trip to your local library or a museum of natural history. What you'll find there will astound you! We have unearthed details and items from ancient civilizations around the globe. Whether you're interested in ancient Egypt, Bible times, the Roman Empire, or the comparatively recent past of the last thousand years or so, you'll be amazed at what archeologists have uncovered and documented. Without exception, all of what has been found and documented supports the veracity of the Biblical record.

If the Bible is true both historically and archeologically, we should give its contents serious consideration as we search for truth.



Please allow us to suggest an excellent book to you which will give you a thorough background in Biblical archeology and history. We recommend it highly.

IS THE BIBLE TRUE? How Modern Debates and Discoveries Affirm the Essence of the Scriptures,  by Jeffery L. Sheler, HarperCollins, New York, NY, 1999                              ISBN 0-06-067542-X