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                           THE RESURRECTION

Those who followed Jesus, His band of disciples, must have been more than thoroughly confused when they saw Him die. If they knew Him to be (and the Bible shows they did) the long-awaited Messiah, the One who was to rescue Israel, how could they possibly reconcile rescue with death?

It was not until after they saw Jesus alive again that they truly understood who He was and what His mission was. His resurrection was the one act they could not possibly misunderstand.

When they watched Jesus die, saw Him carried into the tomb, yet also touched Him and talked with Him again three days later -- and in fact spent time with Him repeatedly over the next forty days -- this was what turned the disciples from a band of half-hearted followers into forceful, world-changing leaders. This was what convinced them beyond all possible doubt that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the Christ, the Anointed One.

There have been many theories proposed, most of them so preposterous they require more faith than the true story, to explain what might have happened to Jesus on the cross and afterward. Space available here does not permit us to examine these, but we suggest -- if you really have doubts as to the truthfulness of the Biblical accounts -- that you research the matter for yourself. Based on all the available evidence, we can promise that you will come to the same conclusion as all before you: Jesus came to life again, bodily, through the most stupendous miracle ever recorded.

It is His coming back to life that guarantees your own eternal life.

Do not lose the opportunity to change your destiny if you are not yet part of God's family!

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               The Resurrection Mural, 40 ft. by 12 ft. 

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 This mural by world-renowned artist Ron DiCianni is permanently displayed in 

the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, TX. The mural is oil on canvas, 40 ft. by 12 ft.

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